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About Papis v.5.8F & v.5.8L

(F= Full version, with Catalogue numbers module) - (L= Light version, without the Catalogue numbers module)

Papis© is a database system based on FileMaker® Pro – Papis© is a database platform suited for museum as well as for individual
scientists/curators for registering biological material of all kingdoms.
It manages species and specimen information for digitizing museum biological collections, tracking specimen transactions (loans), linking
images to specimen records and publishing the data to the Internet.
You can install Papis© on your desktop computer, or bring it with you on your laptop when traveling to other museums or into the field.
Or you can install Papis© on a FileMaker© server, give access rights to selected individuals and let people work simultaneously with
the system.
The Papis© system consists of three interconnected database ".fmp12" files, compatible with FM Pro 12 or later.

- You can create new records singularly or as multiple records (duplicates) in a few seconds,
- You can search all fields, singly or in combinations,
- You can attach an unlimited number of images to individual specimen records,
- You can auto-create unique names to your images,
- You can search, find and compare images,
- You can import and export in various formats,
- You can extract data to your homepage,
- You have a Taxonomic list of more than 94000 genera names (CoL 2011 Annual Checklist) which you can increase along the way,
- You have a 244 official Country list names, 8 Oceanic divitions, and 8 Ecozones,
- You have a logging functionality(who did what and when), that registers all changes made to any given record found in the Specimens
table, DNASample table, Taxonomic List table, and in the Expedition table.
- You have ‘WasteBasket’ tables where deleted Specimen, DNASample, and Expeditions records, are stored,
- You have a CatalogueNumber table system that gives you total control of the numbers (Note! not incluted in the Light vesion),
- You can print small size CatalogueNumber Pin-labels or larger size labels with barcode (Note! not incluted in the Light vesion),
- You can create up to four DNASamples per Specimen record and register your Gene sequences,
- You can create outgoing Loans and print invoices, of registered or not-registered material,
- You can register your Expeditions, generate and print, small or larger size locality labels,
- You can create and print various types of unit tray labels or drawer labels,
- You can create distribution maps,
- You can auto-create, ZIP and export a DarwinCoreArchive ready for GBIF, IPT compatable, and share you data with others, with just
a few clicks,
- And much more.

The Papis system is an open-source system. Providing you have FileMaker programming knowledge, you can modify the system as you
see fit.
Our strategy has been to build a user friendly database that conforms to basic standards, a database that with a relative minimum of
effort can be installed, implemented, and maintained, and one that is basically free (you have to acquire a FileMaker® Pro license if
you want to modify the Papis template, and a FileMaker® server license if you want to provide access to multiple users simultaneously).
Copenhagen, January 2016
Papis© v5.8
A specimen database
with image handling, DNA sample, gene sequences, expeditions, label generator and loan manager
Content by: Thomas Pape and Nikolas Ioannou – Last updated January 2016
Site creator & admin: Nikolas Ioannou