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  Video source: Papis v.5.2  
Search the database (Criteria: Diptera, holotypes with images, author: Pape) 37MB (Duration: 0109)
Video02:   Distribution (Create Google distribution map. Criteria: Kenya records) 57MB (Duration: 0129)
Video03:   Auto create lot record (Using the data from expedition locality) 48MB (Duration: 0135)
Video04:   Create loan (Create loan and print loan invoice) 56MB (Duration: 0300)
Video05:   Extend loan period (Extend the loan period of an existing loan and print new loan invoice) 34MB (Duration: 0139)
Video06:   GEO Locate (Georeference locality using the 'GEOLocate' Web Application) 72MB (Duration: 0223)
Video07:   Print labels (Print labels from single locality) 30MB (Duration: 0106)
Video08:   Print selected labels (Assemble labels from different localities into one sheet to print (save paper and
69MB (Duration: 0253)
Video09:   Create MultiDups (Auto create X number of duplicates and auto assign sequential catalogue numbers) 31MB (Duration: 0113)
Video10:   Delete specimen record (Delete specimen record and send logbook data to the 'Wastebasket') 22MB (Duration: 0103)
Video11:   Images Find & Compare (Criteria, Genus: Sarcophaga, Country: Papua New Guinea, ImageType:
Habitus Dorsal)
54MB (Duration: 0131)
More to come.
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