• Latest release: Papis v7.5 (January 2021)

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When your collection management system has not been designed for biological collections, IT support isn’t very helpful, and internet connection in the collection area is absent, you may want to try Papis, as I did.
For the last six months we have been using it to create taxonomic index for NMS insect collection, and it may be a time to summarise our experience.
Papis is a light-weight CMS that can be used as stand-alone or multi-user solution. Its functionality includes pretty much all you need to manage collection successfully: specimen/lot records; embedded taxonomy from Catalog of Life; collection events; specimen preparations: dissections and slides, DNA extractions, and histology; specimen and locality images; specimen and collection label printing, including barcode labels (Code128, datamatrix, and QRCode); loans; DwCA export. What I like. It does not require (or requires very minimal) institutional IT support; it has rather intuitive logic, supports main curatorial tasks. For me, my familiarity with FileMaker Pro was also a reason, it is easy to make minor adjustments without bothering developer, although I must specially acknowledge Nikolas Ioannou 's enthusiasm and responsiveness. Features that are quite important for our project are rapid entry; relative easiness of import, free barcode labels, fast and flexible generator for collecting labels.
Vladimir Blagoderov - United Kingom


That's what we use in Zamorano after trying many different programs.
Jesús Orozco - Honduras


Hello everybody, i would like to tell you my experience with the PAPIS program. First of all, it is an amazing program, it is a very complete program, it has a lot of things to save all your data well organised. I think it is a very useful tool to have all your collection digitalised. At the beginning it can be a little bit difficult to use but a few days later when you are acquainted with the database it is very intuitive. A very interesting part is the "Expeditions" where you can save your expedition and you can have linked your specimens about that entomological trip. Very useful. I would like to thank to Nikolas Ioannou for all his help, a very kind man who has helped me with all my doubts.
Arturo Iglesias - Spain